What Our Parents Say

"I love how my child's teacher prays for her & asks that we pray for the class."

"Genuine care and love for the children.  We also love that the students learn "to whom they belong" and the same time as they are learning "who they are"."

"Wow! We've only had a week and a half here as new students and I can honestly say we've never had such a great start to school before.  Even my six year old who used to dread going to school now looks forward to school each morning.  The staff, teachers and PTF made the transition so easy for my children, and the joyful welcome into the school family has humbled us.  Academically I've already seen improvement in both of my children.The best part is spiritually, having my children in an environment all day long where the Holy Spirit is present and Jesus is at the forefront of everything taught.  Both kids are already demonstrating more patience with each other at home since starting school."

"We love ILS! We can send our kids to school and feel confident knowing they are safe, loved, and getting a wonderful education from teachers that care."

"We love the fact it is a Christ-Centered school; also with a strong academic curriculum.  The people at ILS are friendly and responsive.  There are many more positive things, such as student manners, behavior, and dress that are emphasized at ILS.  An all around excellent school."
Byron & Ann

"What is not to love about Immanuel Lutheran?"

"The teachers and staff are so incredibly tuned into not only the student's performance, but also all aspects of the well-being that it feels like you have an army of allies reinforcing good choices and habits.  Our son is held accountable for his actions, choices, and behaviors in a loving and supportive manner and though young for his grade, is excelling academically, spiritually and socially.  Thank you, Immanuel."
Brian and Merrily

"I love the way my child learns stuff from school to learning about God.  Just love it."

"Immanuel Lutheran School is like a family!  My daughter has always felt safe, encouraged and challenged.  Academically things are great, but the "love of Jesus" atmosphere is the best!"

"Love this school!  Teachers are fantastic.  Safety fantastic!  Worship fantastic!  Professionalism fantastic!  Worship of Jesus Christ fantastic!"

"The teachers are awesome!  I love the special attention each child gets."

"I love it that our children are learning about Jesus Christ as their Savior, that God made our world, and that they aren't some cosmic accident accident or evolved by random chance."

"I love Mrs. Gilbert and the drop-in childcare.  The drop-in childcare is affordable and ever so convenient.  I don't know what I would do without this service.  Thanks for being the only place in Loveland that offers it!"

"ILS continues to bless us today.  What a wonderful place."

"We love that our kids are safe and learning about Christ's love at the same time as becoming nice little gentlemen."

"My husband and I absolutely love each teacher we have had through the years.  They truly care and give of themselves far beyond their job descriptions.  Our children become their children when at school.  This is so comforting to know that the teachers love our children like Jesus does.  We love Immanuel teachers!"
Conni and Michael

"Immanuel's teachers are committed to sharing Christ's love and grace to their students.  Our kids are in good hands; receiving an excellent education in a safe, fun, and loving learning environment."