School is training for life, and each phase of a child's school career is training for the next phase. Academics play a crucial role in a student's success in each phase of their schooling, and ultimately impact the type of career they are able to embark on following the completion of their education.

Academic Excellence

Immanuel provides the highest quality academic program for PK-8 schools in northern Colorado. The success of our academic program is confirmed by our nation wie standardized testing results. During the past two years, Immanuel placed in the top 6% of schools nationwide as measured by the Iowa Test of Basic Skills assessment program.  The results demonstrate our commitment to provide the very best training for the fundamental academic areas of mathematics, reading, language arts, science, and social studies.

21st Century Learning

During the past several years, Immanuel has invested substantially in technology in the classroom. Studies have shown (and our empirical evidence corroborates) that students are more engaged, learn more quickly, and have fewer discipline issues when technology is used to enhance learning activities in the classroom. We have a fully equipped PC computer lab that is used by grades K-8.  In middle school, each student has an iPad that is used in the classroom and at home.  We also have a mobile MacBook laptop cart used by the upper grades.  

We strive to remain on the cutting edge of technology and employ interactive SMART Boards in every classroom.  Watch the  ILS SMART Board video to see how these are used within our Immanuel classrooms.  


Master Learner Skills

With the pace of innovation in the world today, the most valuable skill a student can learn is how to learn. Learning, unlearning, and relearning will occur constantly throughout a person's lifetime. Developing the desire, the skill, and the discipline to learn are key aspects of the education program at Immanuel. Learning is not just restricted to the classroom either. Field trips, our 6th grade "Outdoor Ed" experience, and the8th grade class trip are events that contribute to learning about life as well as academics.


Immanuel Lutheran School uses a traditional school curriclulum based upon research-based learning resources - a system that teaches core concepts, repeated and built upon year by year.  The Bible is integrated into most subjects and learning experiences. Spanish, music, art, and technology are taught in K-8th grade.  Electives are offered in middle school and a few of our additional school programs include choir, band, physical education, spelling bees, science enrichment, athletics, and student council.  Our graduates go on to successful high school careers in the public school system, area Christian high schools, and home schooling. 


Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.     Proverbs 22:6