Enrollment Process


Steps to Admission

  1. Call or stop by Immanuel for grade specific information.
  2. Parents of Kindergarten – 8th grade students need to schedule an appointment with the principal.  This important meeting helps us determine what you are looking for in your child’s education and gives us an opportunity to share what Immanuel offers.
  3. Return your completed 2016/2017 Enrollment  Application and 2016/2017 Tuition Policy Agreement forms together with the registration fee to the school office.
  4. Secure the physical, immunization, emergency card and supply list forms.

Entrance Age

Children enrolling in Kindergarten must be five years of age by August 15 of the year they enroll.  Children entering first grade must either be six years of age by the first day of school or have successfully completed Kindergarten.  A readiness test is given to all incoming kindergartners to enable correct class placement.

Immunization Requirements

Colorado State Law requires that each child be current on immunizations as specified on the Colorado Department of Health Certificate of Immunization, prior to the initial admittance or transfer into a school:

Children entering Childcare, Preschool or Kindergarten must have proof of Hepatitis B Vaccination (three-dose series over 4-6 months).  Please check with  your health provider for required immunizations, doses or for written evidence of laboratory test showing immunity.

The Colorado Department of Health-Certificate of Immunization must be presented to ILS upon school enrollment.  Exemptions from the immunization requirements will be accepted only if the reverse of the Colorado Department of Health-Certificate of Immunization has been properly executed.


Shortly before school begins each fall, an evening is scheduled for collection of forms, tuition payments, locate classrooms, to meet teachers, set up home visits, and take care of any other paper work before school starts.  The date for the orientation night is mailed to parents/guardians via postcard. 

Physical Examination Requirements 

All new students to Immanuel along with current students entering Kindergarten and 5th Grade must submit proof of physical examination within the past year, signed by a licensed physician.  In addition, any child (grades 5-8) participating in sports must provide a sports physical each year.  Preschool students and daycare participants are also required to have a current physical on file each year.

Acceptance of Enrollment

At Immanuel Lutheran School we want to be sure that new students are prepared to be successful in our environment.  We will review information for each applicant on an individual basis.  While Immanuel Lutheran School does not have a formal special needs program, we are able to accept some students who have learning challenges on a one by one basis.  Acceptance depends on the student's specific needs and on the commitment of the parent(s) to partner with the school for the good of the student.