There are many ways to make cash or non-cash gifts that provide short and long-term support to Immanuel Lutheran School.  

  • Cash Donations:  You may stop by our bookkeeping office or drop in the mail a donation to ILS.  Cash or checks should be sent to Immanuel Lutheran School, 4650 Sunview Drive, Loveland, CO 80538. Please include your phone number and other contact information if it is not printed on your check.
  • Non-Cash Donations:  Transferring an asset of stocks, bonds, real estate, or other real property can be a great way to support Immanuel.  This can be a big win-win situation for both the donor and Immanuel, particularly when the value of the asset has appreciated over time.   The donor transfers the asset to Immanuel and then Immanuel sells the item at the current market value.  By doing so, Immanuel receives the current value of the asset, you receive a tax-deduction for the same amount, and you avoid capital gains taxes that would apply on the sale.
  • Long-Term Giving: Setting up Immanuel as one of your beneficiaries in a will, insurance policy, annuity, or other financial investments can be an ideal way to support our school over a long period of time.  Consult your financial advisor and the accounting office to help you determine if this is right for you.                                       
  • Gifts-in-Kind: If you have a business or skill in the construction, landscaping, repair, food service, advertising, or many other areas, a gift-in-kind donation may be ideal for you.  Contact the school office to discuss the details.
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