Matching Funds

Does your employer have a matching funds program for donations to schools?  If so, this is an excellent way to amplify your donations to Immanuel Lutheran School. If you don't know, it is easy to find out by contacting your HR department or checking on your company web site.  Amgen, AMD, Avago, Boeing, Intel, Roche, and Thrivent are just a few of the names of area employers that provide matching funds to donations made to ILS.  Each company's plan differs, but generally it looks like something like this:

  • You sign up for matching funds from your employer.  Usually this is a simple, one-page form.
  • Your employer verifies whether they will match your donation to Immanuel Lutheran School.  (The ILS accounting department handles this communication.)
  • You donate to Immanuel Lutheran School and provide your company with a receipt of the donation. (You may also be able to set up a payroll deduction.)
  • Your employer sends a check to Immanuel on a pre-set schedule or one-time basis to fit with their plan guidelines on matching ratio and maximum allowable amount. 
  • It's easy to do and greatly extends your gift to the school!

Most larger and some smaller companies in the area have a program to match your donations to schools.  Contact the ILS accounting office for more details on this program.