Hot Lunch Program

 ILS provides an opportunity for every child to purchase a daily hot lunch.  This optional lunch program is only successful with the help of parent volunteers.  If you want to see happy faces everyday, then volunteer to serve lunches at ILS.  Hot lunch is served on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  (Wednesday lunches are sponsored by the 8th grade class.) 

What should I expect if I volunteer?

  • Volunteers work a two hour shift and can indicate which days of the week work best for them. 
  • You will arrive about 10:30 a.m. to prepare the kitchen and set up trays. 
  • When the caterer arrives at 10:45, you will assist in any food prep (usually cutting fruit) then placing the food on the lunch trays. 
  • After the classes have all been served, clean up starts.  Trays are run through the dishwasher, the kitchen is sanitized and utensils and milk are prepared for the next day. 
  • Hot lunch for yourself!
  • And happy, smiling faces each day!
Contact the school office if you would like more information or want to volunteer.