Middle School


  • Mon/Tues/Thu/Fri                         8:10am to 3:15pm
  • Early Release Wednesday            8:10am to 2:15pm 

Living Our Faith 

All students participate in weekly chapel and are grouped into mixed-age chapel families.  Offerings are given to a selected monthly chapel project and have included Nation-to-Nation Ministries, Life Choices Pregnancy Center, House of Neighborly Service, ILC Pastor's Pantry, and Samaritan's Purse.  Often our students create and write "Heart Warmer" cards for those serving in the military, to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, give encouragement, get well, and thank you notes to acknowledge special service to our school. 

At Christmas time, many classes collect gifts for needy Loveland area families. Our church and school prepares shoe boxes for children around the world though Operation Christmas Child.

Our middle school students each have a chapel buddy in the preschool and kindergarten classes.  They build relationships with one another as the middle schoolers escort their buddy to the weekly chapel service, do projects together, and read together.   


Middle school students may choose from electives that include band, net sports, movie making using iMovie, wood working, art, speech, bridge building, culinary arts, journalism, and yearbook.  Sixth graders are required to take a technology class during elective time in their first trimester.  All middle school students may be required to take a project based learning elective or a music elective.  Depending on math placement, advanced students may take Geometry during elective time in 8th grade. 


All students in middle school will have daily homework.  If the student is effectively using his or her class time, it should not exceed the general guideline of 10 minutes per grade. For example, a sixth grade student should not have more than 60 minutes of homework per night on average.  Students are encouraged to read a minimum of 15 minutes per evening.  


Field Trips

While plans may change over the course of the year, these are the scheduled field trips:

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade