From Our Families

Our girls have attended ILS since Pre-K and remained all the way through 8th grade (one year left). We have been very engaged as parents both in our girls' education and in support of ILS in many ways. I cannot express in words how amazing ILS is in regards to reflecting the character of Christ to the students and teaching a Christ-centered worldview, excellence in academics, stewardship, leadership, integrity, sports, etc. The entire staff, from teachers to the Administration are involved in the students experience to ensure they have every opportunity to succeed. Our oldest daughter has moved on to high school and is in advanced classes because of the preparation and academic excellence of ILS. I know the other schools, and I encourage you to do your due diligence, but I trust you will come to the same conclusion we have - there isn't a school in Norther Colorado, Pre-K to 8th, that compares to ILS. Their influence is further recognized in our home and how they interact in the community. Thank you, ILS, for partnering with us in our daughter's education.

- Kevin


We couldn’t be more excited to be back at Immanuel Lutheran School for another year! We found ILS after remote learning became the only public option for our daughter and we knew we wanted and needed more, for her and for our family. It’s been amazing watching her flourish and excel in learning new skills and taking on new challenges. They make so many things available to the students that she loves - sports, extra curricular activities, amazing programs like Spanish, as well as music and arts for all ages. She comes home each day excited and ready to share. Every person on staff is exceptional and truly goes above and beyond to show each child Christ’s unchanging love each day. We highly recommend ILS and are so grateful to be a part of the Immanuel Lutheran School Crusader Family.

- Sarah 

I love having God in my child’s learning. I love the smaller class sizes. That way if my child needs help, someone can actually help and not be too busy.

Overall, great school.

- Kristin

It is incredibly unique. There are so many different kinds of people that each bring something really special to contribute to the school which makes it so unique. My son is not just a number. His teacher knows a lot about him and she watches his progress. We really do feel like it is our home.

- Nasmeh

We love Immanuel Lutheran School because it feels like an extension of family. I know they are in a caring and nurturing environment when they are at school. The teachers have been and are amazing at what they do.

- Katie

I love the one-on-one personal relationship that is fostered in this environment.

Parents, teachers and students together create a community that feels like family.

- Ken

That my child is receiving a high-quality education in a loving, caring environment that truly considers the "whole child". Teachers here are given the time and support they need to provide this experience for her and we are incredibly grateful for that.

- Heather

My children achieve academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment!

- Julie

Small class sizes allow us to be a family who truly care for each other. We get to speak openly about God and Jesus and pray while at school. The teachers and staff are exceptional and provide a wonderful educational and spiritual experience.

- Laura

I love that my kids' teachers are an extension of me as a parent - caring for them like I do, pushing them as I would, and encouraging and loving them as I would.

- Kristi

I love that it’s not just your child’s school. Immanuel Lutheran School makes the whole family feel welcome!

- Holly

What I love about Immanuel Lutheran School is they ensure our kids come first in safety, love, compassion, academics, and most of all - teaching them about Christ.

- Gary

We love Immanuel Lutheran School! We feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to have our son attend a school where he not only receives a quality education, but also gets to hear how much Jesus loves him each and every day! The faculty and staff are exceptional and it is obvious that they love teaching students and have a heart for Jesus! While it hasn't always been financially easy to cover the tuition, it has always been more than worth it! We encourage everyone we know with school-aged children to tour or enroll at Immanuel because we know they'll love it, too!"

- Carrie

From Our Educators

I love being able to teach the children about Jesus. I love being able to share with the children how much Jesus loves them, forgives them, and is always with them. I also love how it feels like one big family here. The older students help the younger ones. The younger students look up to the older kids. All the teachers help, discipline, teach, and love all the students, not just the ones in their own classes.

- Lisa

What I love about Immanuel Lutheran School is that as my children graduated and moved on to high school, their teachers would comment that they are very mature, well-rounded students who were academically advanced! I would not be blessed with the same children without the love, support and Christian influence of the

faculty and staff at Immanuel!

- Cheryl

What I LOVE about Immanuel Lutheran School is that we are rooted together in Christ! We love Jesus! We pray and worship together. Belonging to God, our mission is to serve as Christ leads. This is the foundation on which academic programming and extra-curricular activities are built. We are blessed to be a blessing serving others!

- Olivia

I love the camaraderie I feel here between the staff and the children that attend Immanuel Lutheran School; we are all happy to be here and I feel it every day.

- Amber

What I love most about Immanuel Lutheran School is the FAMILY that is created. Teachers, students, and parents genuinely care for one another and pray for each other. It’s about so much more than learning!

- Elizabeth

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