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Immanuel Lutheran School is a point of stability for kids in an increasingly chaotic world.

Here at Immanuel, we do not believe truth is relative. We teach long standing Christian truths and values in a loving Christian environment. Through our nearly 50-year history, our students and graduates have an exceptional track record of academic achievement and success in life.

We will be starting in-person classes in August. We are ready and equipped to meet CDC guidelines for health and safety. We have been able to have firsthand experience navigating these new guidelines as our Childcare has been open this Summer and we've had great success providing a safe and healthy atmosphere.

During the Spring when we switched to remote learning, we achieved accolades for our comprehensive online teaching environment. We are fully prepared, should we need to move to a remote learning option again.


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Welcome to Immanuel Lutheran School

What I Love About Immanuel Lutheran School

I love being able to teach the children about Jesus. I love being able to share with the children how much Jesus loves them, forgives them, and is always with them. I also love how it feels like one big family here. The older students help the younger ones. The younger students look up to the older kids. All the teachers help, discipline, teach, and love all the students, not just the ones in their own classes.

- Lisa

What I love about Immanuel is that as my children graduated and moved on to high school where teachers would comment that they are very mature well rounded students who were academically advanced! I would not be blessed with the same children without the love, support and Christian influence of the faculty and staff at Immanuel!

- Cheryl

What I LOVE about Immanuel is that we are rooted together in Christ! We love Jesus! We pray and worship together. Belonging to God, our mission is to serve as Christ leads.  This is the foundation on which academic programming and extra-curricular activities are built. We are blessed to be a blessing serving others!

- Olivia

I love the camaraderie I feel here between the staff and the children that attend here; we are all happy to be here and I feel it every day.

- Amber

I love how Immanuel Lutheran School feels like a family! Everyone has the same goal- to prepare students to enter the world as academically successful, confident, compassionate leaders in Christ.

- Ann

What I love about Immanuel Lutheran School is they ensure our kids come first in safety, love, compassion, academics, and most of all - teaching them about Christ.

- Gary


4650 Sunview Drive
Loveland, CO 80538


The summer school office hours:
Monday through Thursday from 8am-4pm.

The school year office hours:
Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm.


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